Church of the Redeemer: Project New Garden Congregational Update:
Volume 1, June 27, 2016–Introduction, Thank You & Campaign Report

Hello Redeemer Church Family,

Greetings in the name of Jesus! This is the first of multiple bi-weekly (twice per month) updates about Project New Garden (PNG). Our goal is to keep Redeemer and the broader community updated with how the Lord is at work and how you can pray with us as we transition to this new location. PNG is our chosen name for the purchase of New Garden Landscaping & Nursery’s (NGLN) retail location at 5572 Garden Village Way near the airport. New Garden Landscaping & Nursery will continue to have their headquarters adjacent to the property we are purchasing, while their primary retail location has already shifted to the Lawndale and Pisgah Church intersection.

For us Project New Garden has been in the works over 5 years. We want this new location to be a place of weekly worship, but also much more. Greensboro’s original settlement, named by Quakers, was called New Garden Friends Community. For a group of Christians seeking to build “a new garden,” this phrase has strong biblical overtones of Adam, Eve, the Garden of Eden and the redemptive work of Christ in bringing about the new creation in us. We want to see this New Garden vision applied not just to how we use this property on Sundays, but also during the week. Toward this end, we are also planning park, farm and mid-week activities at this location. We call the strategic components of this vision Parish, Park, Farm, Center (or PPFC for short).

With this background in mind, we would like to thank two groups of people in this first news update. We would like to thank Morris Newlin (partial owner of NGLN) and his staff who have been phenomenal to work with. They have given us tremendous access to their property any time we needed it and forthrightly answered every question we’ve had about the property. We feel very comfortable that NGLN will be great neighbors in our new location.

Second, we would like to thank you, the Church of the Redeemer congregation. We asked for your help to purchase this property, so we could serve the Lord in a permanent location. Specifically we asked your help to work on the Park/Farm Team, to put in sweat equity work hours on the broader property renovations, to pray and to give financially. You responded with incredible generosity, which has enabled us to move forward with negotiations to sign a purchase contract with the owners of NGLN.

Here’s how you responded: 24 people signed up to serve on the Park/Farm Team to beautify the property and begin exploring potential sacred business ventures; 22 people signed up specifically to pray for this project; collectively you offered to volunteer 76.5 hours/week in sweat equity hours toward this project (almost two full-time 40 hour positions); you pledged $1,115,529.68 toward the purchase of Redeemer’s first permanent home in 8 years. Thank you for each of your amazing generosity. We look forward to working together with you as the Lord leads us into his purposes.

Grace & Peace,

Elijah Lovejoy, Executive Pastor
Lee Williams, Senior Lay Leader
Jeff Whitworth, Junior Lay Leader