Church of the Redeemer: Project New Garden Congregational Update
Volume 3, August 26, 2016–Bid Process & What is in a Home?

Hello Redeemer Church Family,

Greetings in the mighty and wonderful name of Jesus, our eternal King. With school starting back, you are likely gearing up for the fall, new routines and an increased pace of life. The base of much of this activity will be where you live–your home. As we continue the due diligence process for the purchase of New Garden Nursery’s airport-area retail facility, we continue to reflect on a variation of Shakespeare’s famous question, “What is in a name home?”

We don’t buy a home just to say “I own a house,” to write our address on government forms or to feel good about ourselves. We buy an individual or family home specifically to be our home base for life, to serve other people, to welcome them in a place of warmth and rest, and to share our food, life and possessions with each other.

As we move forward with the purchase of New Garden Nursery, we are reflecting on the purpose of our church home in much the same way. What would make this space hospitable? What would allow us to serve other people well? How can we design a beautiful and inviting atmosphere that reflects God’s beauty and glory? What will we need to create a home base for lifting our voices and hearts as a new spiritual family to Father, Son and Holy Spirit? These questions are exciting because we’re getting to ask them for the first time in our 8 years of existence as a church family.

Many of you have helped us think through and plan what this home will look like and how it will serve God’s people and purposes. Thank you.

As an update, here’s the latest on New Garden Nursery:

  1. We are continuing in our due diligence process with environmental inspections, city reviews re-platting and architectural designs.
  2. We are about 1 week away from having a detailed completed architectural design to put out for bid to general contractors.
  3. Based on our pledge campaign, we have bank loan pre-approval to cover both our purchase and renovation costs.
  4. Lord willing (and city approving) we hope to start renovations on New Garden Nursery by the end of 2016.

We appreciate your support and ask you to continue praying for the Lord to assist us in the creation of a home that will serve his glory and purposes.

Grace & Peace,

Elijah Lovejoy, Executive Pastor
Lee Williams, Senior Lay Leader
Jeff Whitworth, Junior Lay Leader