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Discover Redeemer is a four week community group offered throughout the year. This class is designed for those new to Redeemer or for those wanting to take next steps in discovering who we are. The Discovery group meets in a relaxed setting, usually in someone’s home. It’s a time to meet other people who are where you are on their journey and provides an opportunity to ask questions, share a time of devotion and prayer. It last for 4 weeks. Some of the things covered are our Church Vision, Path to Membership, and our Ministries.



The Redeemer Catechumenate draws its name from the rich history of the early church where groups of believers would gather together to study the foundations of the Christian faith. In the early church, people who wanted to become Christians were taught the core beliefs of the church over an extended period of time — as many as three years — before being allowed to take Holy Communion with the rest of Christ’s people. This tradition eventually lapsed, but the Reformers of the sixteenth century brought it back, and in each of the great Reformation traditions there is a Catechism or Confession which young people, or those new to the church, were expected to learn. (This usually happened as part of the rite of Confirmation, which is an episcopal rite, that is, one presided over by a bishop.) At Redeemer, we seek to encourage every believer to do the same. The Redeemer Catechumenate last a a total of 26 weeks.




It is at this point if God continues to confirm your commitment to the local body of Redeemer, we would like to talk to you about what we call “confirmation.” Confirmation marks the point in a person’s faith journey when they

affirm the faith into which they were baptized and their intention to live a life of discipleship to Jesus. This affirmation is confirmed through prayer and the laying on of hands by our bishop. The church also asked God to give them power through the Holy Spirit to enable them to live in the way of Jesus.




After Confirmation and membership, individuals, couples (sometimes families) will want to enter into a community group based on a variety of things such as season of life, service passion, giftedness, or sometimes shared challenges in life. While each group will be different, expressing the wide variety of diversity in the body of Christ that Paul talks about in I Corinthians, each group should offer a common experience of being loved and cared for in the body of Christ.