Children are significant in the life of Church of the Redeemer. Just as Jesus opens His arms to “let the children come to Him,” we strive to create a welcoming, loving environment that encourages children to run to the arms of Jesus.

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0 – 17 Months


18 Months – 2 Years

The nursery and toddler classroom open 15 minutes before the service at 9:45. We encourage families to pick up their children immediately after the Lord’s Prayer, just before Communion is served so that you can participate in Communion as a family and so that our workers and volunteers can receive Communion.



Nursing Mothers’ Station

A nursing mothers’ station is located next to the nursery in the back of the cafeteria. You are able to listen to the service while in this area.


3 – 6 Years

Catechesis of the Good Shepherd is an environment where 3-6 year olds fall in love with Jesus. In a room called The Atrium, children study and meditate on the life of Christ through hands on, sensory-driven “work”. Children discover the love and light of Christ through liturgy; Biblical accounts of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection; and various parables from the Gospels. They are dismissed after the opening worship, and parents pick up their children during announcements.



1st – 3rd Grade

Kidzone is an environment for 1st-3rd grade to encounter the Lord through singing, teaching, small group discussion, and activities related to the weekly lesson. Kids are dismissed after the opening worship, and re-enter the service during announcements.


Route 45

4th – 5th Grade

Route 45 is our Sunday morning discipleship environment for 4th-5th graders. It meets every Sunday except the last Sunday of each month, when they remain in the service. Room 102.