Redeemer Contacts:

Alice Wolfe –

Redeemer’s connection to the Karangazi Parish in Rwanda stems from our Anglican formation as Rwanda’s mission to America. In 2004, Archbishop Kolini initiated Sister-to-Sister partnerships to foster cross-cultural relationships and ministry alliances between Anglican Mission churches and Rwandan parishes. These partnerships have helped build relationships between parishes as well as individuals, priests and bishops. The relationships are mutually beneficial and are an expression of the one, holy, catholic (universal) and apostolic Church.

In addition to financial support, Redeemer participates in yearly or bi-yearly trips to visit the Karangazi Parish. Face-to-face meetings with our sister parish accelerates and deepens relationships and gives clarity in understanding one another’s real needs. Projects may dissolve, but relationships last forever.

The Karangazi Parish also partners with Compassion International, so Redeemer is involved in sponsoring several children within the parish. Redeemer’s children’s ministry sponsors two children, Dan and Ruth, and many members of the congregation sponsor other children in Rwanda. Some members have even had the opportunity to visit the children they sponsor while visiting the Karangazi Parish.

Sacrificial living is a way of life in Rwanda, although it is often imposed rather than chosen.  Bishop Alexis’ statement of confident faith as his family decided to adopt orphans of the genocide has remained with me: “What is enough for six is sufficient for ten.” How so assuredly sufficient?… through unspoken sacrifice, a sacrifice that would be considered by many to be overwhelming.  (To be honest, I would be one of those many.)  And this from a man who, in the last three months, has not received a single paycheck. As a bishop!  A paucity of a sense of entitlement; an abundance of a sense of trust.  These are among the fruits of sacrificial living. May I consider how I live and how I trust, that it would be in loving obedience. – from Sarah Reid’s journal on the most recent trip to Rwanda