Project New Garden is a vision for what Church of the Redeemer can become in service to the Lord and our local community.  It can best be understood as four overlapping pieces taking shape over the next several years.

  • Parish: Our body of believers meeting weekly to worship, practice liturgy, share communion, and make disciples in this region where we serve.  The parish is a place of growth, discipleship, and community.
  • Park: Physical space, a sacred setting affording the opportunity to celebrate God’s good creation through meditation, recreation, landscaping, and other works of art.  The park is a place of beauty.
  • Farm: Gardens for cultivation and harvest– all for the blessing and support of our parish and community.  The farm is a place of nourishment and sustainability.
  • Center: Facilities for spiritual education, outreach, and mission. A place for rest, renewal, and restoration. The center is a place of equipping for kingdom expansion.

This vision for Church of the Redeemer is adapted from ancient elements of monastic care and community which embraced and validated the fullness of humanity: mind, body, and soul.  It is a vision that will span many years, but important initial steps could occur within months.  The final character and detail of each component will depend on each of us and how we respond to the leading of the Holy Spirit as we seek to follow Jesus as a worshiping, missional community of faith.

What is needed from you?

  • Your prayer and energy in supporting and defining the details of this vision and how it should take place. For example, many feel we need to find a parcel of property to begin to let this dream unfold.  A specific property has been identified, and some of us have walked the acreage and prayed about it. Pray during this time of discernment that we will have ears to listen to His leading.
  • Ask for personal insight, wisdom, and giftedness that can be applied to the many unanswered questions, concerns, and opportunities that face our congregation as we make decisions together. Pray for unity in all essential things, and liberty and charity in all else.
  • Ask God to prepare all of us to joyfully and sacrificially commit our labor, ideas, and financial gifts as God leads us.
  • Share with each other as we learn from these efforts.