The Daily Office & Lectionary

Don’t have a Book of Common Prayer? Want to know what the daily scripture readings are? Visit this website and click on the church season to get accurate information!

The Daily Office Audio

Our friends at Trinity Mission post a recorded version of morning prayer every day if you’d rather listen to it.

Sunday Serving Schedule

In case you’re having a hard time finding the monthly serving schedule or contact information for the servant team leaders, use this link to get to the right page on our website.

Reimbursement Form

If you have made purchases that Church of the Redeemer needs to reimburse you for, please fill out this form and follow the instructions listed on it.

Church of the Redeemer Bylaws

Use this link to view our complete bylaws.

Church of the Redeemer Articles of Incorporation

This document provides you with our Articles of Incorporation, as filed with the NC Secretary of State.