Is Anyone Listening?

Luke 16:19-31

About the Series:

The new ACNA prayer book and lectionary is the framework for this series. The Gospel readings during this season focus on Luke's story of Jesus in chapters 14-23. This section of Luke is full of parables that Jesus told. The parables in this series are unique as most of them only occur in Luke. Parables are short stories used to illustrate a main point or lesson. They aim to tease the mind into active thought – to make you think, to challenge perspectives, and to overturn expectations. This may be why parables tend to be confusing. Jesus was well known for these type of stories. Perhaps it is because stories tend to be easier to remember than facts and information. When Jesus wanted to talk about the kingdom, he didn't list facts – he told a story. The parables confronted and upended the original hearers' thoughts and actions, and continue to challenge us today.

Luke packs these chapters full of stories that invite us to wonder, ponder, and be surprised at the invitation of Jesus and his kingdom. More than that, Luke wants our encounter with Jesus to transform us. It's why he tells his story in the first place! It's our deep hope that in this season you meet the risen Jesus. We hope that by encountering Jesus, you get a glimpse of the kingdom, and are changed.

These are the stories of the kingdom!

Alan serves as the Rector for Church of the Redeemer. After a long career in ministry that included time as a youth pastor, college minister, and church planter, he started Redeemer in his living room in 2008 and has garnered great joy from watching the Redeemer community start, grow, and mature. Alan also serves in various roles for both the Diocese of Christ Our Hope and Anglican Church in North America (ACNA) as well as filling the role of Church Planting Network Leader for the Global Anglican Future Conference (GAFCON).

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