Because we loved you so much, we were delighted to share with you not only the gospel of God but our lives as well.

-1 Thessalonians 2:8

Upcoming Youth Events


Redeemer Youth Ministry Is... 

  • Gospel-Centered. Our priority is to focus everything around Jesus and the work Christ accomplished on the cross and in the resurrection. 

  • Family Focused. We believe parents are the primary faith trainers for their children, the home is the center of spiritual formation and the church is here to come alongside parents. In light of this, we invite and encourage parents to attend any of our youth discipleship environments along with your children. 

  • Relationally Driven. Our youth ministry is not a separate entity of the church. We want our teenagers to be integrated into the full body of Christ and in relationships with every generation: serving with younger children and being mentored by older adults.



Melissa Lewkowicz

Youth Ministry Director


Drew Hill

Sr. Associate Rector



Sunday Morning Catechesis 

Sunday mornings, 11:40am-12:25pm

On Sunday mornings we meet separately with the middle and high schoolers immediately following the service. During this time, parents are invited to a time of fellowship and hospitality in the greenhouse. In our Sunday morning classes, we focus primarily on “the head.” 

The middle schoolers use this time to understand the entire story of the Bible, laid out over a 3-year plan, by using “The Drama of Scripture” curriculum. 

The high schoolers particularly focus on theology and apologetics in our AP Theology class. We go through a 4-year plan to help students understand the Creeds, the Lord’s Prayer, the 10 commandments, and the Beatitudes.

Sunday Night Live (SNL) 

Sunday evenings, 6-8pm

On Sunday nights, we gather together with more than fifty 6th-12th graders. During this time we focus primarily on “the heart.” We eat dinner together, play ridiculous games, worship, and hear from God’s Word- taught by both students and leaders.

The last 30-45 minutes of each gathering is spent going deeper in small groups (divided by age and gender).



During the summer, we take a break from SNL and our Sunday morning catechesis. Instead, we gather on Wednesdays for Morning Prayer, followed by fun events for both middle and high schoolers. 

We also have Sundays at Seven- small group Bible Studies for high schoolers.

In June, we attend Camp Booyah, an Anglican Summer Camp that combines service, liturgy, and play - allowing students to know and understand that they can live missionally in relationship with Christ and with one another while having more fun than a rat in a Cheeto factory.